Friday, March 30, 2012

Fill-age. For my shelves.

This is one of the items I put on my beautiful shelves.  It's a picture of Justin and me on our honey moon five and a half years ago.  (Don't we look like babies?)  It's nothing fancy, just a picture taped to a piece of card stock in a spray-painted frame.  It was a quick space filler at our old house.  But the picture wasn't centered and it was driving me crazy.

I got this bag from Hallmark around Christmas and have been saving it since then because I love the saying on it.  I decided Old Off-Center picture would be replaced by Fun Quote. 

So I cut off one side of the back and carefully took the handles off of it.  It still had a couple fold marks which I knew would really bug me.  So I ironed it.  That's right.  I ironed a paper bag.  I like to live on the edge.  I took the old picture out of the frame and then I used some good ol' Scotch tape loops and taped the bag to the other side of the card stock.  I left the picture on the back in case I ever change my mind and have a deep desire for an off-centered picture to be displayed in our home.  Okay, that's not true.  I was just lazy.

And here's the finished product on the shelf!  I love the pop of color it adds.

Isn't this such a good saying?  It reminds me not to save things for special occasions.  I should cook good, interesting food for my family all the time, not just when we're having people over.  I should make stuff out of the fun fabrics I've been accumulating instead of waiting for the "perfect" project.  I should enjoy and appreciate and celebrate life because that's just what it is - life!  And I'm so blessed to have Life.

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