Thursday, March 29, 2012

Shelf Time

We have an awkwardly long wall in our family room.  Like really awkward.  Like when you're reading someone's graphic T-shirt and realize it looks like you're staring at their boobs.  The wall is awkward.  It's too big to put any art on and too small to make into two different areas. 

One day while wasting time researching on Pinterest, I came across this project from Ana White. 

Pinned Image

Aren't these shelves great?  And they're SOOOO easy!  Each shelf is 2 1x4s and 1 1x2.  Throw on some white paint and screw in a few screws and you have yourself some fantastic shelves. 

True Confession:  From the date of pinning to the date of completion?  About 10 months...  Nothing like a one-year-old's birthday party to kick my buns into gear...

Here's how it went down.  I used blue painter's tape to mark where I wanted the shelves.  I lived with the tape on the wall for a couple days to make sure I liked where the were.  (I ended up moving them a little farther apart than I had originally planned.)

My amazing husband made the shelves for me - which means I don't have any pictures of the shelf construction.  But Ana does a great job and her pictures and instructions are WAY better than mine would have been anyway.

Here's my man hanging the bottom shelf.

Starting to fill up!

And here are my beautiful shelves all filled!

I love my shelves.  A lot.  I told them I love them.  More than once.  They're the mac to my cheese, the spice to my girls.
See those curtains in that picture?  I love them as well.  My mom made them for us.  She asked if I needed help with anything for Drew's party.  I think she was offering to bring a fruit platter.  But I asked her to make curtains.  And she did.  She's awesome like that.

So now it's looking like we actually like our house and like living in it.  Oh, and everything on those shelves?  Yeah, I already had all of it.  Holla for free accessories!

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