Thursday, March 22, 2012

Spring Wreath

I've been seeing so many cute spring wreaths on Pinterest.  They're just so bright and cheerful!  I decided that I wanted needed one.  I also decided that I had to make it with things I had on hand (aka - for free). 

I have a ton of fabric, so I knew I'd use that.  But what to use for the form of the wreath was a little trickier.  And, low and behold, I saw a wire hanger from my husband's dry cleaning that told me it wanted to become a wreath.  Well, it didn't acutally say that.  But if it could talk, I'm sure that's what it would have said.

So after some bending and re-shaping, I had an almost-circular hanger like this:

It's a game - find the hanger on the ironing board.  Oh, you haven't heard of that game?  It's all the rage in Europe.

Then I cut strips of fabric 1 1/2" wide and 4", 5" and 5" inches long.  And then I tied, tied and tied some more.  Here it is in progress.  Tip: make sure you tie the same way every time so your fabric "tails" all point the same way.  It took me about forty minutes to tie them all on.

And then voila!  I had a cheerful spring wreath!  And for free!  And it was easy!  I love anything cute, cheap and easy!  (Uhhhh, I mean I love any craft that's cute, cheap and easy...)

Happy spring!

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