Thursday, July 28, 2011


We have some pretty intense bushes/shrubs/hedges in the front of our house. We call them our security shrubs - they have these nasty thorns on them that (I like to think) will keep intruders from trying to break in our windows. WAY cheaper than a security system. And probably just as effective....right? Anyway, they've been growing like cra-cra this summer. The hubs had a day off (finally!) last weekend and decided to tackle the shrubs.

Here he is in all of his shrub-trimming glory.

See? Out of control, right? Yeesh!

Half-way done. My husband is on the fairer-skinned side, but he's not nearly as pale as this picture implies. He just fully in the sun while the shrub was fully in the shade.


We have the same shrub on the other side of the front door in front of the living room windows. That clever husband of mine made a little cut out in the shrub so we can open the windows more than two inches. He's a thinker. That's why I love him.

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