Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Wedding gift, numero tres

The third and final installment in the "Wedding Gift" series.

I saw this picture on pinterest and fell in love.  (Picture from here.)

 I thought some sort of glass etching would be a really nice, personalized wedding gift.  Maybe a vase or a candle holder?  (Again, I didn't know the couple very well - what if she hates to bake?  Then a personalized casserole dish is a bad idea.)  Then I went to Michael's and realized the supplies for glass etching are a little on the spendy side.  And after reading the instructions, it seemed a little putzy for me.  So on to plan B.

I bought some Krylon Frosted Glass Finish spray paint.  Which, contrary to logic, is not located with the rest of the spray paint.  It's with the glass paint.  I also bought a cool vase from Goodwill.

For $2.99.  Holla!

Then I got out my trusty contact paper.  I printed off a "G" from the computer in a font and size I liked (their last name starts with G, in case you thought I just picked a random letter), cut it out and traced it on my contact paper.  Be sure you trace it on the top of the contact paper so you don't get a backward letter.  Unless that's the look you're going for.  Then trace however you darn well please.  Stick the letter wherever you want it.  Sorry I don't have pictures for this step.  My friend Emily and I were having a craft day and I got distracted by the cute stuff she was making.

Next I took the vase with the contact paper letter on it outside and sprayed away.  It took a couple coats to get the coverage I was looking for.  (Is it creepy that I was hearing Sherry from Young House Love saying "thin, even coats" in my head?  Stalker?)

Here's what it looked like after it dried.

After peeling off the "G" I filled the bottom with some rocks and them put a candle in it (both of which I had on hand.)  Ta-da!
I was super impressed with how it came out!  SOOO easy!

Here's the cost break down:
vase: $2.99
Krylon Frosted Glass Finish spray: $9.98 (and I didn't have a coupon :s)
contact paper: $0 (already owned)
candle: $0 (already owned)
rocks: $0 (already owned)
TOTAL: $12.97
On-Going Total for wedding gifts uno, dos and tres: $25.23

Not bad for a three piece, personalized wedding gift!