Friday, September 23, 2011

Wedding gift, numero uno

Justin and I went to a beautiful wedding a couple of weekends ago.  The couple had registered at one of those donate-to-our-honeymoon sites.  I checked it out, but wasn't sold.  (Something about typos on websites that I give my credit card number on makes me feel like my identity may or may not get stolen...)  So that was a no go.  Back to the drawing board.  This couple has everything.  They have a hovercraft.  They have everything.  I don't know them super well (the groom is one of Justin's poker buddies), so that made figuring out what to get them even harder.  That's when I decided I would make them something and headed over to my dear friend pinterest  where I found this adorable idea for a Christmas ornament made from the couple's wedding invitation.
And can I say how easy it was?  The only things you need are a clear ball ornament, the invitation, scissors and a pencil. 

Step 1: Cut the invitation into strips.  I made mine various sizes. Try to get strips with things like their names and the wedding date.

Step 2:  Wrap each strip around a pencil to curl it.

Step 3: Take the top off of the ornament and put the curls in.  If using glass ornaments, be careful of sharp pokeys at the opening...ouch.)

Step 4: Put the top back on, tie a ribbon and admire your handiwork.

Total Cost:
- Ornament: $1.25 (I got a 4-pack for $5 at Michael's)
- Invitation: free
- Ribbon: free (I just grabbed some from my stash)
TOTAL: $1.25 - not bad for an adorable and personal wedding gift!

Stay tuned for info on the two other things I made for them

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