Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Word to the Wise

When we moved into our house (6+ months ago) there were tons of little holes in the walls where the previous occupant had pictures hanging. And some not-so-little holes where she had her TV mounted on the wall. Justin got right on filling in those holes after we moved in. (One day I counted - there were 18 spots. And that's only what I could see from the sofa.)

And then life took over and we lived with little white spots all over the walls. It was kind of obnoxious. And possibly a health hazard. One friend that came over thought she was getting a migraine because she was seeing white spots. I told her not to worry, we were all seeing the spots. That is unless we were all getting migraines...

After living with the white spots for over 5 months, we (a.k.a. Justin) decided it was high time to paint them. So he broke out the Navajo White (our favorite Behr neutral) and his trusty paint brush and started making the white spots disappear. He only said abra-cadabra once. Or maybe that was me...

After painting over the first few spots, we had to double check the paint color we were using because it just wasn't quite the exact same. This should have been our first clue to investigate a little further... But the can said Navajo White so we kept on going. (For future reference, replace every "we" with "Justin". I actually did nothing.) We figured the paint just needed to dry.

After drying, it still looked a little off, as seen in this picture:

Wowza. Looks like some greasy-handed person wiped their hands all over the wall. But alas, that was not the case. The real cause of the problem? We used Navajo White in this house and our former house, but in different finishes. We apparently used the eggshell paint to touch up the flat paint. Awesome.

But in keeping with our we're-really-good-at-not-finishing-projects vibe, we haven't fixed it. And probably won't for a while. Or ever.

So word to the wise, don't just check that you're using the right color for touch ups - check the finish as well.

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